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The industry’s only chassis and suspension focused on ride quality.


While some crave the razors edge, corner carving track performance, there are those who prefer a smooth ride with predictable handling as the foundation of their build.


Roadster Shop has analyzed and evaluated all contributing chassis components to develop and redefine a chassis for a new era of hot rodding.


Modern OEM control arm bushings, low friction ball joints, and isolated steering and sway bar mounts reduce the unpleasant noise, vibration, and harshness that get transferred from the road to the driver. Longer suspension travel, lighter spring rate, optimized motion ratio, and custom valved 6.0” RS SV coilovers by Fox have been designed to give a smoother, more controlled range of motion and ride quality.


Ride Line has been designed for those who want to drive.

Ride Line From: $24,995.00

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